Synchronized Depositions


TimeCoder Pro is video and transcript synchronization software widely used by legal videographers, court reporters, and law firms. The software automatically synchronizes transcripts and video depositions using advanced speech and pattern recognition.  Once we have synched a deposition, as long as you have either DepoView(which is freeware), Trial Director, Livenote, Summation, Sanctaction, etc., you will be able to do everything that is listed to the right.

DepoView will allow the user to be able to present the synced deposion, as well as create clips of only certain areas on the transcript, which then can be exported as a new depositon.  Trial Director is a more advanced presentation software.  It allows you to do anything from loading in all PDF's or documents virtually, edit these documents as you prefer, such as making call outs and redactions, and zooming in on particular parts of a document which will save for presenting them in the Trial Director Presentation software.  Trial Director also allows the user to input a large number of Tiffs, Jpeg's, and PDF's.  You can then arrange all of the items you have imported, in different workbooks, allowing you to present the documents in the order you prefer.  It doesn't stop here either.  The program also allows you to upload multiple synced depositions, as well as unsynced depositions.  

You can then fine tune the depositions by creating clips of just the important parts of the deposition which, at this point, you can play the deposition and each clip you have created, simultaneously as one clip. Presentation mode also has a feature that keeps track of all the items that you presented in court, and this admitted list will allow the user to provide the judge or opposing counsel a list of exactly what was shown at trial.  

Lastly, any documents or exhibits that you have marked up with annotations do not affect the originals.  All of the clips from the depositions, along with just media are able to be exported into separate or merged media files.  All the documents loaded into the Trial Director software, are also available to be printed if this is needed.  So those of you not using any of these programs, we suggest you give it a try.  You have no idea of the convenience and capibilites that are available with the use of these programs. If you do happen to try it, you will fall in love!

  • View video transcript testimony and create clips - it's as easy as using a highlighter!

  • Use keywords to search through transcripts and jump directly to specific video segments

  • Review linked exhibits related to the deposition

  • Print full page or condensed versions of the transcript

  • Export clips with synchronized text to Microsoft®PowerPoint®

  • Present video in full screen mode

  • Take snapshots of any frame in your video

  • Export synchronized video depositions with linked exhibits to other major programs such as TrialDirector, LiveNote®, and Summation®

  • Copy and paste key testimony excerpts for use in summaries, motions, and briefs

  • Create single and multi-segment clips; edit multi-segment clips to 1/10th of a second

  • Email video clips