Forensic Video offers a wide variety of services focused on the legal community. Please feel free to contact us about the service offerings below or with a question about a need that is not listed.

  • Forensic Video Deposition Services Inc. is an innovative leader in providing video services as a part of the deposition. Our clients appreciate how we capture high-quality audio/video of the deposition
   event, and make it affordable and easy to use.

  • Depending on the needs of our clients, we provide video through our secure video repository shortly after the deposition at no cost or on DVD disks. These options enable our clients to easily share video with corporate clients, claims managers and expert witnesses.

  • In addition, we offer clients the option of synchronizing their videos with the deposition transcript for easy access and searching. Below is a sample video of what a synchronized deposition looks like in the free software that is offered when ordering a synced depositon.

   All of our videos are produced using "high definition" 1080p cameras. The result is a clear picture with  
   outstanding audio clarity. On screen date and time is also displayed on the video for easy indexing and
   in compliance with the Code of Civil Procedure Section 2025 for deposition videotaping.  We have
   also developed Random Access Media presentations for trials, arbitrations and settlement
   conferences. Contact us today for additional details on pricing and services.